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Outbound Service

When it comes to outbound calls, our Outbound Call Center is just the right contact for you. Many companies have already been supported by our Outbound Call Center, e.g., in sales, by handling telemarketing. This significantly relieves your own sales staff. Also, many sales employees find it difficult to make outbound acquisition calls. Here, our Outbound agents in the Call Center can help. They are properly trained and handle outbound calls competently and courteously. In dialog marketing, outbound calls are an important marketing tool.

Outbound Call Center Services:

Our employees in outbound telephony are specially trained to meet the needs of your company, so that products and services can be sold as effectively as possible.

The Outbound Call Center can be used in B2B or B2C business.

Examples of Outbound Call Center activities:

Special discounts or offers can be presented here:

Existing customers who haven’t placed orders in a while can be called – here, discounts or special offers can be presented.

Appointment Scheduling:

Someone who has expressed interest in certain items or requested information will be called by the Outbound agent to schedule an appointment.

Our Outbound Service:

Don’t miss the potential of this important sales channel and let our Outbound Call Center agents make the calls for you.

Through our Outbound Service, you can, for example:

  • Schedule appointments for your sales staff

  • Conduct surveys or satisfaction polls – possibly with cross-selling

  • Create special offers

  • Collect statistical data

  • Conduct after-sales marketing

  • Strengthen customer loyalty

  • Provide information about products

Is your customer service already very busy? Especially in growth phases or with interesting new products, it can definitely make sense to use an Outbound Call Center. An Outbound Call Center also has the appropriate technology available to conduct calls in a targeted and traceable manner. Often, it is not worth it for companies to invest in the latest call center technology – here, outsourcing to our call center is most sensible. We can significantly relieve your sales staff, who are under high workloads. Many sales staff are also very good in direct personal sales but less good in telephone acquisition. This is where our Outbound Call Center comes into play: We specialize in outbound calls – also for customer acquisition.

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