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Call Center Services in Tunisia

Are you looking for a call center service provider abroad? Do you want to outsource your call center? Are you searching for employees in Tunisia? We are the right partner for your project.

Our Services

Call Center Service

Call Center Service

Those who use the call center service can spare their phone switchboard and can be assured of always being reachable for customers and contacts, whether it's a simple call answering, information hotline or Techincal support.

Recruitment in Tunis

Recruitment in Tunis

If you need staff for your call center activities in Tunis, we are the right point of contact. Whether it's about tapping into the African market or setting up a call center.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

For those considering starting a company in Tunis, the bustling metropolis of Tunisia offers the opportunity to conduct good business and leverage numerous advantages. In and around Tunis, there are over 2 million residents.

Advantages of our Tunisian company :

High service level

We guarantee you a consistently high service level.

Maximizing revenue

We guarantee you a consistently high service level.

Cost savings

And the best part: Labor costs in Tunisia are significantly different from the pricing structure in the UK – so you receive excellent service at fair prices!


No lengthy contract terms and hidden costs.

No customer left behind

No customer is left behind. Your customers and potential new ones can always reach a contact person – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year upon request

About Us

Kaufmanns Consulting specializes in finding, training, and employing Multi Lingual-speaking staff in Tunisia for call centers and other businesses, from call center agents to commercial staff and executives.

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