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At Kaufmann’s Consulting, we have concentrated all our activities in Tunis, which we have divided as follows:

  • BUSINESS CONSULTING, including advice on starting a company in Tunis, strategy, and leadership.

  • RECRUITMENT in TUNIS for call centers, commercial and IT staff.

  • CALL CENTER with inbound and outbound services.

Kaufmann’s Consulting specializes in finding, training, and hiring Multi Lingual-speaking employees in Tunisia (e.g., in Tunis) for call centers and other companies. This ranges from call center agents to commercial employees or executives. We focus not only on language skills but also on professional qualifications. Only the combination of education, skills, and language proficiency results in an employee we are eager to hire, whether for our own company or for placement in other companies.

Many companies based in Tunis use Kaufmann’s Consulting for recruitment or to relieve their own sales department using Kaufmann’s Consulting Call Center.


Kaufmann’s Consulting ensures that the location advantages in Tunis can be combined with the high-quality requirements of all companies.


Highly motivated employees are the capital of Kaufmann’s Consulting in Tunis, where dedicated salespeople in the call center secure deals or appointments. Kaufmann’s Consulting Sarl, a German-Tunisian company based in the heart of Tunisia (Tunis), has extensive experience in customer service and consulting for companies both domestically and abroad. This meets the demands of companies that value high-quality services and the placement of highly qualified personnel, making Kaufmann’s Consulting one of the industry leaders.

Whether it’s employees for call centers, sales, or consulting over the phone, Kaufmann’s Consulting is always a good contact in these matters. Our call center agents have high closing rates in friendly conversations and are competent in both receiving calls and actively acquiring customers in outbound sales. We take on such tasks and also provide qualified personnel for other companies.

Kaufmann’s Consulting maintains a partnership with the AHK Tunisia

The Kaufmann’s Consulting Team:

Our team focuses on several areas and provides experts in each area, with a certain number of employees available for each. Whether it’s staffing a German or English speaking call center or call center outsourcing, the Kaufmann’s Consulting Sarl team can assist you.

One of the main focuses of the Kaufmann’s Consulting team is recruitment in Tunis. The team is so well-known that we receive many spontaneous applications by email. Thus, our pool of personnel gradually grows, available for placement or independent work.


In the call center area, all team members have a friendly and convincing communication style, leading to sales in a pleasant atmosphere through secure sales techniques. This is certainly one reason why the call center is increasingly in demand. We teach all team members in the call center how to recognize closing signals in conversations and then close sales with the right techniques. Naturally, the call center team is trained to handle potential customer objections confidently and close such conversations with objection handling.
The Kaufmann’s Consulting team consists of experts in:

  • Call Center

  • Business Consulting

  • Recruitment

Team Philosophy: “Impossible is not an option!”

While other teams often say “unfortunately, that’s not possible,” at Kaufmann’s Consulting, our philosophy is “Impossible is not an option!” Where others believe something isn’t possible, we do everything to make it happen. Whether it’s a large marketing campaign requiring many call center agents or the rapid recruitment of qualified German-speaking personnel for a new company structure in Tunis, the leaders at Kaufmann’s Consulting know how to make things happen.

Kaufmann’s Consulting combines the experience and high-quality standards from Germany with the flexibility and sales skills of a Tunisian. This results in top performance for our customers, brought about by quality, ambition, and commitment in our team. The Kaufmann’s Consulting team always has one thought: What needs to be done to ensure the customer is completely satisfied. We align all our actions with this goal.

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Amir Belhadj, CEO and Founder

Amir Belhadj, CEO and Founder

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Team leader

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