Call center workers.

Inbound Call Service

We are pleased to receive all your customers’ calls through our Inbound Call Service. Of course, we also handle calls from suppliers or employees if desired. Our Inbound Call Center can un-dertake a variety of tasks for you.

Our Inbound Service includes:

  • Transmitting information

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Accepting orders

  • Facilitating conversations, if necessary

  • Receiving fault reports

  • Handling information requests

  • Taking complaints / claims

Your Benefits

Increasing accessibility through an Inbound Call Center:

We are happy to enhance your accessibility and, if you wish, answer calls in your name, effec-tively acting as your telephone reception. We can do this for you daily, around the clock, or only during peak times, as per your preference. We can also handle incoming calls for specific departments or product groups. You benefit from constant availability. Avoid losing calls be-cause a customer hangs up disappointed, is put on hold, or hears a busy signal. With our In-bound team, we ensure a high level of quality, leading to regular customer conversations. We smile over the phone on behalf of your company.

Accessible 365 days a year – day and night:

In the internet age, many customers expect long hours of availability. However, this can often be difficult to implement within a company’s own structures. With us, you can be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, if you wish. We will determine with you the time windows in which we should be active for you, and then be available to your customers. Quickly reachable, competent, and friendly. The constant availability will please your customers as much as the competent and friendly demeanor of our staff, who are specifically trained for telephone cour-tesy. Even complaints or grievances are handled routinely and friendly. Every complaint is an opportunity. A complaint resolved well and to the customer’s satisfaction can even strengthen the relationship with the customer.

Multilingualism in the call center for incoming calls is possible:

You want to expand into other countries or receive calls in other languages! After consultation, we can also solve this problem and have the calls answered by multilingual staff or native speakers, if necessary.

We enhance your company’s potential:

Don’t leave your company’s potential untapped simply because you think your own customer service can’t handle it when it comes to new markets or marketing initiatives. Our Inbound Call Center helps you overcome the biggest challenges. We are your flexible and extended arm: Always reachable. Always competent. Always friendly.

Give us a call or send us an email for a non-binding consultation!

Telefon: +44 7340 657333